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LDA, your partner

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Why choose LDA, you ask?

You already know about our high quality products from previous mailings, but there is another important reason why LDA should be your preferred choice.

LDA offers it’s customers unsurpassed support.

Need to have a gas spring sized? Even if it is just one gas spring? LDA will do it for you... for free.

You aren’t sure which components are the correct ones for your fluid, pneumatic, vacuum, shock absorption or vibration isolation application (and a host of other applications). LDA will assist you, by phone, on the spot, whenever you need us to be there.

Have an application you want to have automated, but don’t know where to start? Contact LDA, our experts will help you defining the parameters, suggest solutions, optimizing what you already have.

LDA also takes care of the assembly of specific projects and custom made solutions, for example pneumatic cabinets of all sizes. There is no minimum order quantity for these projects.

LDA prides itself on thetechnical knowledgepresent at the company. Our Sales Engineers have years of experience and are assisted by product specialists who are the top in their field. You don’t need to take our word on this, experience it for yourself by setting up a meeting! 
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And the best of all? All the above, we do for free.

It does not matter if your application is small or large. It does not matter if you need only one product, or thousands. LDA engages itself to assist their customers, free of charge.

There is no obligation to purchase at LDA after we have assisted you. If we cannot help our customers with our products, we will still try to give you some ideas on how to solve your problem, even with products we do not sell.

Offering all of the above without purchase obligation, isn’t that a bit dangerous? No, because at LDA we are convinced that a satisfied customer, is a customer for life.

But it doesn’t stop there.

LDA can also deliver a CPR (Customer Profit Reinforcement) report, outlining the cost reductions that our products bring to you. This gives our customers a unique overview of the impact LDA can make, and enables you to make a clear decision on your investment.

LDA keeps a large stock of standard goods, and even quite a few specials. Urgent orders can be processed immediately because of this. For small recurrent orders of non-stock specials, we provide a “minimum stock” contract to our customers. Ask our sales department for more information!

When we are talking about large quantities of the same product, price negotiations can be concluded in a“call off” contract, where LDA will stocks the products, and the customer can call these goods at will during a predefined period. 


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At LDA, there is a solution for each application.
LDA, solutions for life.


Have a question for our specialists? Call +32 (0)2-266 13 13 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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