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LDA Sells gas springs for all Industrial applications where gas springs are used. The range of our product line, good quality and competitive prices have made us one of the biggest gas spring suppliers in Belgium and Luxemburg.

The Gas Springs from LDA are not only "supporting" your lids, covers and other weights our real challenge is to "support" our customers and to make them competitive in their markets by solving their problems. For many years now, we are not only a supplier of gas springs. We are proud of becoming a working partner of our customers.

Based on years of experience in gas springs and thanks to our high technical know-how we are supplying our products to the Automotive, Furniture, Machinery, Transportation, Office Furniture, and for the Office Equipment industries.

Due to a large stock of gas springs and components, we are able to fulfil our customers' requirements within shortest time. Our engineers are working closely with our customers to design a gas spring that meets their specific needs. In addition to this, we have the capability of supplying identical gas springs that you are already using. Therefore we need only a technical drawing or a sample.

Our gas springs are continuously tested to ensure reliability, long life and overall product safety for your highest satisfaction.

The ideal functioning of a Gas Spring is partly depending of the internal gas pressure applied.
LDA applies the right pressure in house, this guaranties that your Gas Spring has always the optimal pressure for your application.

The customer can also adapt the gas pressure on his Gas Spring. LDA measures than this pressure and will deliver all new Gas Springs according to those new specifications.


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