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With LDA’s connectors, cables and distribution boxes, your operations can continue uninterrupted even under the most adverse conditions such as contamination, moisture or vibration.

MOLEX-mPm® square and rectangular connectors (EN 175301-803 -DIN 43650) are the world's leading output connectivity solution providers for industrial automation equipment. Valves, solenoid pressure flow switches or coils can be brought into a single industrial-rated junction box for a complete plug-and-play solution.
EN 175301-803 Connectors and Cord sets are a reliable and robust quick-disconnect alternative to hardwiring for remote actuation of solenoid valves on the factory floor.

At LDA you have the choose from the largest selection of DIN field-attachable, molded DIN and DIN accessories which include lighted adaptors/surge protectors for the 18, 11, 10, 9.4 and 8mm classes of DIN valve designs.

Connectors and connection systems available:

• Industrial Valve connectors
• Circular connectors M8 / M12
• M8 / M12 distribution boxes
• All above products are available with molded cable
• Splitters and adaptors
• Fuse Holders
• Supply connectors
• PROFINET Interfaces

Knop 1 (EN)

Knop 3 (EN)