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LDA delivers a vast range of sensors in a wide array of industry sectors, including industrial automation, hydraulics and pneumatics, food & beverage processing, packaging systems, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, agricultural and earthmoving machinery, hospital and medical equipment, lubricating plants, environment technology, lifting systems, water treatment, automotive, fire prevention, heat exchangers and HVAC&R.
Performance, accuracy and reliability are the key words for our product selection.
Along with a comprehensive range of products mostly available in stock, including pressure and vacuum switches, float level switches, flow indicators and switches, temperature switches, liquid level sensors, and digital indicators, LDA can also offer you with custom-engineered solutions, designed to meet your specific requirements and a new series of smart sensors, including electronic pressure switches, pressure transmitters, regulators and electronic temperature switches, to satisfy the growing market demand for the most accurate monitoring in industrial processes.
Temperature, Pressure and Level controllers can be found in our product lines of EUROSWITCH and PLAST-O-MATIC.

In order to perfectly steer all this electrical information, we also supply MPM-MOLEX plugs and connectors, with or without casted-on cables. These connectors can be used on all our Electromagnetic valves, sensors and instrumentation equipment.

FENWAL is famous for its fire and gas detection systems, but also delivers an extensive assortment of industrial thermostats.

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