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Fluid technology

Valves for fluids and Gasses:

LDA has a complete product line of magnetic valves for gases and liquids. These valves are made of brass, stainless steel or aluminium, and are supplied by various specialists in their own field: M&M, ALCON, GSR, MAGNATROL and PETER PAUL, and they also come in various synthetic materials from PLAST-O-MATIC such as PVC, Polypro, PVDF and PTFE.

Our valves are electromagnetically or pilot driven and are applied in all markets, in particular food industry, cryogenic applications and in aggressive industrial environment.

• Electromagnetically controlled
• Pneumatically Pilot driven
• For high and low temperatures
• For high and low pressures

• For high and low flow
• Explosion resistant, ATEX certified
• In-line and Manifold versions.
• Cryogen applications

Knop 1 (EN)

Knop 3 (EN)